Founded in the year 2002, Tatwa has come a long way in the past decade, to be now referred to as the most distinguished IT icon.


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Human Resource Management System

Organization grows due the efforts put in by its employees. Employees are motivated by the Human Resource Department. The Role of HR in an organization starts with employee entry to exit. HRMS is designed for HR personnel to manage their function effectively. The HRMS solution of TATWA Technologies Ltd. is very easy to use and provides all features starting from Recruitment Management, Employee database management, administrative management, Payroll management, full and final settlement etc. It has the capability to be used in many organizations or branches at the same time, each with its own rights & users. It is an integrated web based system also a responsive application that helps the employee to access the application through any modern day gadgets. It consists of typical HR integrated modules which helps the HR personnel in every dimension.

    Features of the System:
  • User friendly
  • Reliable and Secured
  • Self-Service with a portal and reporting/analytics
  • Recruitment Compliance Reporting
  • Personnel Administration
  • Employee performance management
  • Compensation management
  • Learning management
  • Time and labor management
  • Payroll administration
  • Multiple Search Facilities
  • Easy to install and implement in the existing system
    Envisaged Benefits:
  • Extremely easy to use. It has been designed for staff with little or no IT experience.
  • Automates the entire Human Resource System
  • Significant cost savings and efficiency benefits
  • Reduces errors & increases productivity
  • System is built along International Best Practices.
  • Is inexpensive to implement and to maintain.
  • Can be quickly adapted to changes in business – growth, acquisition, merger, partnership etc.
  • Learning management
  • Time and labor management
  • Payroll administration
  • Multiple Search Facilities
  • Easy to install and implement in the existing system
  • E-Recruitment
  • Payroll & Statutory Compliances
  • CTC Claims Management
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Training Management
  • Manpower Planning Platform
  • Performance Appraisal System
  • Vendor Management
  • Employee Portal
  • Travel Management
  • E-Separation
  • Reimbursement platform
  • Organizational Change Management
Human Resource Management System
Applicable Sectors :

Applicable to all kind of Organizations having HR Wing.

Case Studies
Arnnapurna Microfinance

Tatwa Technologies Ltd. is privileged to have Annapurna Micro-Finance as an esteemed client. Through effective deployment of HRMS technology, enterprises can:

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate nonperformance employees
  • Increase contract compliance
  • Reduce cycle Sal Processing times
  • Save Recruitment time
    Save Recruitment time:-
  • To improve service levels
  • To develop a more integrated approach.
  • To minimize the transaction costs through standardization, streamlining and automation of the HRMS processes.
    Modules made:-
  • Recruitment module
  • Admin module
  • Employee module
  • Allowance module
  • Transfer module
  • Promotion module
  • Suspension module
  • appraisal module