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Proposed Solution

CIPET have now decided to go digital to increase its outreach to students and aspirants across the country. They are now going to promote CIPET by online and offline branding/promotions and would be conducting the JEE entrance test by inviting students through online application, CBT based entrance , online publishing of results and digitising the admission process. Besides CIPET have also decided to have a dedicated team to handle queries/grievance and manage counselling through digital platforms like voice & non voice support.

Scope of the Solution

Social Media Marketing :- Social media marketing is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites and social media platforms as a marketing tool. This can be used to promote courses offered by CIPET as they have a wider reach and audience. The built-in data analytics tools that most social media platforms have will help CIPET to track the progress, success, and engagement of the various ad campaigns.

Awareness Programs:- Aware ness among the public will be generated with the help of discussions with various school/ college authoritiesto promote the CIPET Courses. Leaflets will be distributed across education hubs, student hang outs and posters depicting success stories will be displayed. They will educate career counsellors of the area so that the counsellors can enlighten parents and aspirants on the merits of joining CIPET programs. Ads will be placed in leading national and vernacular newspapers. Camps and counselling centers will be set up to promote and facilitate online applications.

Counselling through Support Centers : TATWA will set up an end to end contact centre where qualified agents will handle the queries of any candidate and will provide on call support in registration process, enquiry in seat availability, admission process, exam management, result process, grievances management etc,. Candidates can call in to the centers with their queries where they will be answered by a voice support executive. In certain cases, calls from the support centers will be made to the candidate’s registered mobile numbers to provide necessary information and resolve queries.
Support can also be done through sms, email or messenger process. This can be done by using Chat Support, where the candidate will be provided messages to a particular number viaWhatsapp, FB Messenger or SMS. Even document sharing like soft copy of admit card, acknowledgement copy, exam schedules copy, result chart etc. can be shared by both the parties.

Integration of CIPET applications :- TATWA will take responsibility of hosting the application software and its data on secured and high availability data center. CIPET has to provide access to integrate the application link on all their center websites and any other websites that they use, to ensure that the application platform is easily accessible to the aspirants.

Examination Management:- This module will take care of the entire process that is involved from pre exam to post exam. The sub modules included are : 1. Documents collection : All relevant documents related to the admission procedure such as educational qualification, date of birth, community, income certificate, photos, signature, etc. of the candidates can be collected and uploaded in the online registration system. 2. Application Management : This module shall manage receipt and processing of online applications, enable approval and rejection of applications and includes filling, submission, scrutiny, verification, approval or rejection of online applications. 3. Admit Card Generation : This module will populate the list of selected candidates and will facilitate Generation and printing of student admit cards for entrance test along with exam centre and venue selection. 4. Exam Center Management : This module will maintain and manage adequate CBT centres throughout India other than CIPET locations, provide enough reosurces to facilitate CBT, Setup Centralised Exam Server in cloud and local exam server setup, Setup Exam centre wise, Create question sets, Exam Rooms Setup, Auto Absentee List generation, Auto marks calculation and would generate various reports related to examintaions 5. Score management : This module will display the marks of all the students that have appeared for the exam. Apart from online, the results will be sent to the student’s registered Mobile numbers.

Payment Gateway:- A payment gateway is a software application that processes card payments and online banking. The gateway encrypts sensitive data to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer, the merchant and the acquiring bank. Now a days when people feel more positive towards cashless transaction, integrating a payment gateway with the webportal will help the students to pay online easily by using either debit/ credit cards or through net banking payment. CIPET will share the bank details to which the collected amount will be transferred on day end basis and we are providing the payment gateway as part of our service with no additional cost.