Scanning & Data Digitization
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Scanning & Data Digitization

Data Digitization is the process by which physical or manual records such as text, images, video, and audio are converted into digital forms. Tatwa has experienced resources in document management since last several years, we can deliver life time availability of documents, its archival & retrieval.

    The scope of this domain include the following activities as per your needs :
  • Collection of documents from Central Location
  • 100% Re audit of the received documents
  • Coding of the documents
  • Scanning of the Documents
  • Filing of the documents
  • Racking of the files with a defined protocol.
  • Housekeeping of the entire storage area.
  • Maintenance of the arc files / Board Boxes.
  • Audit to ensure perfect storage.
  • Retrieval of specified documents within time limits, excluding occasions on high volume requirements. We meet the time lines decided by the principal.
  • Re filing of the documents retrieved earlier..
  • Maintaining of the MIS for the documents out of storage.
  • Compliance of the regulatory shortfalls if identified within the scope
Procedure for Document Scanning
    Benefits of Document Scanning and Data Digitization :
  • Minimizes cost
  • Saves paper
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces data redundancy
  • Instant access to output
  • Enhances transparency, durability and flexibility
  • Housekeeping of the entire storage area.
  • Long term preservation of documents¬†
  • Orderly archiving of documents¬†
  • Easy & customized access to information
  • Less Storage space for preserving the documents
  • Reduction in overall Searching time
  • Increase in productivity of processes and office personnel
  • Availability of the document for sending over email
  • Reduced turnaround time of processes