Transport Management System
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Transport Management System

Transport Management system is a software application designed to manage and optimize inbound or outbound transportation operations.

Tatwa Transport Management System is changing the dynamics of Transport management in all organizations.

Consequently there is greater emphasis on cost, knowledge management and culture. Transport Management System can shift transaction processing to the end users who actually use the materials or goods, freeing up supply management personnel for strategic value-creation work. Through effective deployment of Transport technology, enterprises can:

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Reduce or eliminate Complex Transaction
  • Increase contract compliance
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Save Transaction time
Case Studies

Kandoi Transport ltd.
An online custom Transport Management System proposed by Tatwa technologies . The entire system is modular and easy to customize and deploy. Core Modules included :
  • Zone Master
  • Branch Master
  • Location Master
  • Transit Route Master
  • Petrol pump Master
  • Check gate master
  • Diesel Rate master
  • Party Master
  • Truck owners master
  • Truck master
  • Workorder
  • Loading Entry
  • Unloading Entry
  • Consignment Entry
  • Consignment Loading Entry
  • Consignment Unloading Entry
  • Billing (Truck wise/ Trip wise)
  • Truck Payment Final settlement
  • Truck payment(Advance and Final)
  • Outstanding Report
  • Stop / Release Payment Truck/Trip
  • Financial Accounts
  • Admin Dashboard

After consultations with Kandoi Transport Ltd (KTL) stakeholders, the following strategic objectives were agreed:

  • To improve service levels to Parties, Truck owners and users involved in transportation activities of the company.
  • To develop a more integrated approach to transportation process.
  • To minimize the transaction costs associated with transportation and tracking, streamlining and automation of the whole processes.

Tatwa Technologies Ltd. is privileged to have Kandoi Transport Ltd.(KTL) as an esteemed client.