Block Chain Worldwide Business Scenario and Strategy
Block Chain Business Value, Worldwide 2017-2030
  • Gartner Predicts that Block Chain would generate $ 3 trillion in new business value by 2030.
  • Gartner Predicts- Many new innovative companies will start using Block Chain Technology and at least one business created using Block Chain will be $10 Billion.
  • Block chain Identity solutions make a range of activities less susceptible to fraud including Insurance claims, Credit access and Voting.
  • By 2030, Block Chain will be used as foundational technology for 30% of customer base.

National Strategy: India’s National Strategy for Block Chain

  • Evolve a national Block chain Infrastructure that can be used for development and deployment of block chain applications supported with a sandbox for testing multiple block chain applications.
  • Focus on capacity building and skill development.
  • Contribute towards creation of IPR.
  • Enable Global access to the developed technology and contribute towards development of cross border solutions.
  • Contribute towards development of national and global level standards.

Block Chain Models


Block Chain Use Cases

  • Healthcare domain-Patient Health Records can be stored in tamper proof manner on national level block chain.
  • Role based and privacy enabled access can be given.
  • Doctors of any hospital can access patient history when patient approaches them.
  • E-Court - Data from Police, Judiciary and legal departments can be stored in National level Block Chain infrastructure.
  • Education System- Student’s Certificates ,Scholarship details can be stored in Block Chain Network.

Use Cases for Block Chain


International Scenario


  • BSN-Block Chain based services Network of CHINA helps companies and individuals deploy Block Chain applications faster and cheaper.
  • BSN hosts a number of tools for developers which help in application development majorly focused on smart cities and digital economy.


  • European Block chain partnership aims to build European Block chain services infrastructure to meet highest standards in terms of privacy, cyber security and regulation.
  • KSI-Keyless Signature Infrastructure has been built by Estonian Government to prove the authenticity of electronic records.


  • UAE has Smart Dubai Initiative which aims to be the first city fully powered by Block Chain by 2021.


  • Food and Drugs inspection to address the problem of lack of transparency and security in health data processing using block chain.


  • Focusing on Ethereum Platform for developing various applications for voting.


  • Ethereum platform to enable transparency in Energy Grid.


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