Case Study: RWSS App
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Case Study

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About RWSS App

RWSS App is a complaint registration system for the Dept. of RWSS (Rural Water Supply & Sanitation). This App allows citizens to register complaints and view the status of the logged complaints.


Department of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation


  • It’s main objective is to improve the health of rural areas through provision of increased access to safe water supply facilities.
  • This App allows us to view the logged complaints registered via online application and call center.
  • The action taken on the issue with location information is updated in the app along with the image.
  • This App is targeted to be used by service engineers of RWSS and their higher authorities who monitor the occurrence of various issues and their resolutions.


  • Secured Login Access
  • Map View Access
  • View/Update status of the complaint
  • Offline Sync complaint details

Secured Login Access:

Only the user can register and obtain his or her user identity and password generated by admin.The applicant can connect to the app and use its functionality with the correct IMEI number.

Map View Access:

Admin has the access to view the number of complaints reported and no complaints resolved via Map View, along with where the problem / complaint has been documented or resolved.

View/Update status of the Complaint:

This app is developed to file/register complaints about the water supply problem in rural areas. This app shows total no.of registered ,pending and resolved complaints according to District,Block,Gram panchayat or Village wise. The user can view or update the status of the complaint.

Offline Sync Complaint Details:

When a complaint is made if the internet goes down, all the data the user enters is stored in the database and, when the internet is up, all information is automatically synchronized and the information is displayed.